Who Are We

Matthew – I am blessed to have grown up in a Christian home.  My earliest memories were of sitting in Sunday School class and hearing the Gospel from my mother, who was also my Sunday School teacher.  It was through her faithfulness in sharing the Gospel with me that I came to know Christ as my savior as a preschooler. As a young man in a high school preaching class, God began placed a “Desire” in my heart (1 Tim 3:1) for vocational ministry.  That desire lead me to prepare for ministry at Northland International University for a BS in Youth Ministries and to Calvary Seminary for a Masters of Divinty.  While at Calvary Seminary, I was heavily involved in Children’s Ministry, counseling, and preaching as a lay ministry leader, while working full time at Vision Video Inc (a Producer and Distributor of Christian films) and Christian History Institute.  I loved my time at Calvary but felt the Lord leading us to a Bi-vocational ministry at Faith Community Baptist Church of Downingtown PA.  I ministered there as the Youth Pastor serving the teens and parents of the church by teaching, preaching, and counseling. The Lord then lead us to First Baptist Church of Pequea.  At Pequea, the Lord opened up many opportunities for me.  I serve as the Chairman of the Mission Committee, in home Bible Study leader, an adult Sunday School teacher, Young adults ministry leader, Pulpit supply (both at Pequea and other churches), Teen conference speaker, and counselor.  That “desire” for ministry has been a constant throughout my entire life.  God has given me the desire, ability, and continues to faithfully give me opportunity to serve and worship Him as a minister of the Gospel.

The Missionary’s call is first to salvation (John 6:44, Rom 8:30, 9:11, Gal 1:6, Eph 1:18)), secondly to service (Rom 1:1, 1 Cor 1:1, 1 Tim 6:12, 20 and lastly to be “set apart” by the church through the leading of the Holy Spirit for the work of cross cultural communication (Acts 13:1-3).  I believe the Lord has been calling my family and I to His service for a long time, and we have by His grace been faithful with the opportunities He has given us.  We believe that God is opening an opportunity for us to be faithful ministers of the Gospel as missionaries to George, South Africa.

While serving as a Pastoral Intern at Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale Pa in the summer of 2002, I was asked to help organize and administrate a week of summer camp at Camp Calvary in Bernville Pa.  That week I was introduced to Melissa.  She was working at Camp Calvary as a Lifeguard.  A mutual close friend of ours “set us up”, and Melissa eventually agreed to go on our first date (2 months later) after hearing me preach.  We were married on September 20, 2003.  God has truly blessed us by leading us to each other.  We love each others company and love serving together.

Melissa – Melissa had the privilege to grow up in a christian family.  She came to Christ as a seven year old, during evangelistic meetings.  She is passionate about serving God through ministry and has served in many areas including, children, youth, young adults and women’s ministries.  She met Matt at Camp Calvary while serving as summer staff.  They were married in 2003 and have enjoyed serving together since then.  She spends most of her time homeschooling and raising their four children, Brendan 11, Dylan 9, Caylee 7, and Madison 4, but still enjoys finding ways to serve, teach and help in their church.


Brendan was born March 18 2008.  He loves animals especially African animals.  He is a fast learner and has a strong desire to please the Lord.  He loves the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream!


Dylan was born April 2, 2010.  He loves creative play and is happiest outside playing with sticks, rocks, and mud.  He is a great empathizer, and makes friends easily.  He loves to pretend, play video games, and figure out how things work.


Caylee was born March 18 2012.  She loves all things beautiful whether it is a butterfly, the sky, or a princess.  She loves art, crafting, painting, and is quick to hug. Her heart is big and her determination is fierce. 


Madison was born February 19, 2015.  She is definitely the baby of the family.  She loves to cuddle and is never far from her blanket or her sister.  Her smile and humor are contagious and she loves to help others.